Distro Linux Office Enterprise

Linux for offices, companies, public administration, schools and law firms.
The distribution is translated into en-us and almost all Western languages and is currently based on Ubuntu LTS 22.04.


Maximum productivity, everything you need is already installed and configured. Offices, businesses, administrators, students, writers and bloggers can be productive immediately with the full power of free professional software. The support can be activated on request and it is provided by a solid company presents on the professional market since 1998. We have been suppliers to schools, public administrations and private companies for years. You will have the certainty of lasting and safe technical assistance for future years and any problems.

Privacy Sharing

With SAMBA you can share all documents on the network, even with PC Windows. Resilio-Sync is an internal private cloud service, managed and controlled solely by you. Your sensitive data will be safe. With a simple click of the mouse, you can install the best software on the market such as DropBox, MEGA, etc.

Certified E-mail

Signing and certifying emails with GoSign. Evolution to handle correspondence professionally and with the Spam Assassin plug-in you get rid of aggressive spam. FileMail will allow you to send attachments up to 4 Gb. You dictate by voice and Voice Notepad will write it on a sheet of text for you. Chrome default browser.

Windows / Linux

You will be able to use applications built for Windows with Wine. Already installed in the latest stable version, Wine is supplied with Winecfg to configure it as you wish and Winetricks is also presents and installed to add features; DLL or any additional components that you will need to run Windows programs.


Guarantee of professional support offered by a company that has been operating in the field of operating systems, hardware and IT since 1998.


Support can be activated on request by Telegram in real time with messages, voice calls, video calls and groups and immediate sending of software, files and documentation. One hour of technical support.



Support by e-mail can be activated upon request, for each individual question or problem, or with annual membership and technical support from our technicians with N6 e-mails has already included in the service.


Annual Subscription


The remote support can be activated with an annual contract which includes the possibility to intervene immediately 24/7. You will have the possibility to solve the problem immediately by checking each operation.


office enterprise

Interactive menus, applications divided by category, desktop exposé, active windows exposé, file search. Application center with over 1,000 software to choose from, completely free and installable with a single click, is divided into categories with description and preview.


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LINUX teaching

School distribution is currently installed in over 12 schools and institutes, in total over 1,700 students use it every day. You will find useful and tested applications, tools, complete with plugins and configured. We actively spread Linux by installing special versions of MODICIA O.S. adapt the system to the required specifications. Our customers have modernized the computer rooms with a conspicuous saving of time and money, making them efficient and adequate to state regulations.

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Our customers
  MODICIA O.S. Education in didactic at the computer room. MODICIA O.S. Education in didactic at the computer room. MODICIA O.S. Education in didactic at the computer room.


Linux Office Enterprise

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